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Archive for May, 2007

Note: this is a repost of one of my early favorites. Given Paris’s recent drama, I thought new readers might enjoy.

Have you ever noticed that Paris Hilton looks a lot like Smurfette?

Paris Hilton and Smurfette

The similarities don’t end at appearances either:

Smurfette: Premiered in 1981 on NBC
Paris Hilton: Born 17 February 1981

Smurfette: Was magically created out of clay by Gargamel to cause jealousy and competition between smurfs
Paris Hilton: Has a clay personality, thinks everyone is jealous, and wants famous men fighting over her

Smurfette: Considered to be the worst singer in all of Smurfdom
Paris Hilton: Did you ever listen to her album, Paris?

Smurfette: Wears tiny white dresses that barely cover her smurfly parts
Paris Hilton: Wears tiny white dresses, and often shows her, uh, smurfly parts

Smurfette: Always causing trouble, including flooding of the smurf village
Paris Hilton: Do we need to go into details?

Smurfette: Underwent extensive plastic smurfery to become a blond bombshell
Paris Hilton: Underwent extensive plastic surgery to transform her from smurfly-looking to tabloid-worthy

Smurfette: Has large smurf feet
Paris Hilton: Is embarassed that plastic surgery couldn’t shrink her large feet

Smurfette: Lives under a mushroom in a strange fantasy world
Paris Hilton: Lives a strange fantasy life, and (based on her smarts) presumably grew up under a mushroom

Coincidence? I think not. 😉

Harry Potter and Star Wars

Okay, I found this completely hilarious. Completely, sadly hilarious:


Talk about nothing new being under the sun.

This has to be the coolest waffle I’ve ever seen:

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Too bad it’s just a concept right now, otherwise this would definitely be on my Christmas list. Designed by Chris Dimino, via Neatorama

Friend for sale

Hey, I just thought I’d give a heads up for anybody looking around the market for an imaginary friend at a bargain price:

His name’s Jon Malipieman, and his creator’s just outgrowing him. He sounds very nice though, and I’m pretty fond of his picture:

Or, if Jon’s a little too expensive but you still want an imaginary friend, Tomily here is available through the 10th. Though, this guy sounds like the jealous type, based on his description, and his picture’s a lot smaller (what’s he trying to hide?)

Can anybody find it in their hearts to provide a good home for these guys? Free shipping! While supplies last!

Apparently cops get hot while driving around … REAL hot. At least that’s what the makers of CoolCop claim. To solve the problem, they’ve invented a device to keep police officers cool:

CoolCop body armor air conditioning

And if you’re going to be cool, you might as well look cool too – hence the mustache and glasses. Oh yeah. via UniqueDaily

Phil Hansen decided to paint the 30 people who most influenced his life … on his torso (including negative influences such as Hitler). This guy has talent.

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

This feat took him 20 hours, then afterwards he let the paint dry for another 30 hours. He even slept with it on! Link via Make

Pickles is a Dirty Word

FACT: Three-year-old boys know how to cuss by the time they are two; it just takes them another twelve months to polish it and get it right.

Cussing generally improves with age, but it gets significantly less creative after the age of 12 or so, when it becomes limited to words starting with f and s. The following is a dad’s description of a true story (from, and the re-enactment is a YouTube classic:

My three-year-old has decided that “Pickles” is a curse word. It basically means “a**hole.” Or possibly, “You d**k.”

Here is an actual exchange from the other morning:

Me: Please put your pants on.
Him: Fine, Pickles.

He says it right to my face, with complete disgust.

To better illustrate the scene for you, I’ve asked the guy who played Ricky in “Better Off Dead” to provide a re-enactment using his professional acting skills. Please enjoy.

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

If you can’t appreciate the wonderful absurdity of an adult acting out the storyline insult of a three-year-old, then you’re a pooty-face times infinity plus one.

Now THAT’S a deep sleep!

I’ve been pretty exhausted lately, what with final exams, major projects, packing up to move back home over the summer, and work, and more than once I’ve slept through the sound of my obnoxious alarm clock.

But, if someone were to say, stab me in my sleep, I think I’d notice and at least wake up long enough to mutter incoherently use the restroom…not like this guy.

I read that twice and can only say, wow. I’m a pretty deep sleeper, but…wow. Wow. He was stabbed nine times, and he slept through them all. It took his girlfriend noticing he was covered in blood and alerting him to his injuries to figure out that he’d been attacked. In his sleep!

I think when it gets to the point that you can sleep through a physical assault, it’s time to think about peppering your day with a few power-naps or something.

Looking for a way to get some attention on the highway? Try these helium-filled missile balloons:

Missile Balloons for your Car

The concept is pretty simple:

  1. Fill balloons with helium
  2. Attach balloons to car
  3. Drive like a crazy person and delight in other drivers’ reactions

While these were originally created as a Malaysian advertisement that won a CLIO in 2004, now sells customizable inflatable missiles on their website.

These can’t be legal to drive with, can they?

via engadget

Caption Contest

Time for another little caption contest. Just add your caption in a comment, and I’ll put a list of the best submissions up for vote in the next few days.

Winner gets heaps of praise and a link to their site (or the site of their choice). Special props to anyone who has the real story behind the photo.

Thanks Lennon for the pic!

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