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Photo: Max Sparber

Before you start reading, you should know that the Werewolf in the image doesn’t technically have anything to do with this story. I just like posts with pretty pictures.

40-year-old Robert Marsh had partially broken through the door of the woman’s apartment in the early hours of the morning on March 1, had grabbed the woman’s arm, and mentioned that he was a werewolf who ’had powers’. He had previously been staying in the woman’s flat, as he was homeless following his release from prison. The woman reported that over the previous few days, Marsh had been drinking quite a lot, and becoming steadily less coherent.

When he was arrested, Marsh informed the police that he was able to change his form.

There seems to be a connection between alcohol and turning into a Werewolf. Hmm… that’s not good. Perhaps you’ll soon see me howling and humping the leg of your local newscaster.

Source: Metro

By Critiker of Random Good Stuff

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