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Shave -n- Specs


I’d say no to inventions nobody needs but watching their video and seeing all their desperate affords makes me kind of sad.

With the Shav-N-SpecsTM hi-impact resistant polycarbonate lens and the patented fog-free SidefocalTM design providing expanded view of your face, you will see what you have been missing with ordinary glasses and mirror.

No need to worry about missed spots, uneven shaving, or poor grooming. You will be able to see your entire face with Shav-N-SpecsTM and shave with confidence These glasses are for people who wear glasses to read (farsighted) and normally aging eyes. These glasses will not correct optic abnormalities or severe refractive errors.

Link: Shave -n- Specs

By the way, I am the new guy on SNTC and I usually blog on Random Good Stuff.

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