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Archive for May, 2007

Flush This

I don’t know what to make of this. Kohler has an interactive video where you can flush dog food, a bra, a rubber duckie, and more. Click the picture to try it out:

Putting a Rubber Duckie in the Toilet

Very odd. I thought it was too funny and unusual to pass up.

In today’s overweight, yet thin-obsessed, society it’s hard to imagine a time when gaining weight was a major problem (and goal) for many young women. Here’s an advertisement from the November 1934 of Physical Culture, aimed at quickly providing women with those few extra pounds (click for full size pic):

Kelp O Malt Advertisement - How to Gain Weight

Who wouldn’t want to gain “at least 5 lbs. of good, firm flesh in 1 week”? For some reason Kelp-A-Malt doesn’t seem to be on sale anymore … maybe McDonalds, Häagen-Dazs, and Television proved to be too much competition?

via Modern Mechanix via Digg.

Calvin and Hobbes

Again, being the sucker for parody that I am, I present a weird Un-cyclopedia look at Calvin and Hobbes . It takes the concept of Calvin and Hobbes’ being based on the philosophers Calvin and Hobbes and runs in a weird, playful, absurd direction.

It’s so great…somebody had too much spare time on his/her hands to write this, but darned if I didn’t enjoy it vey much. My favorite quote of the whole article (from the Character Description section):

“John Calvin is an ecclesiastical reformist and psychic detective…He nominally attempts to solve mysteries, but usually ends up being sidetracked by getting into fights with Catholics or Arminians, whom he always eventually challenges to a game of Calvinball.”

a strip
“Hobbes would often challenge Calvin’s belief in predestination by trying to shock him out of it.”

Am I just a huge geek, or does that make anyone else laugh like crazy? The illustrations are priceless too, I think this might just be my new favorite thing on the internet.

How to Destroy the Earth

How to Destroy the Planet.

Just in case you were wondering.

I never thought somebody would take the time to map this out, but for all you budding evil geniuses/obsessed conquerors/alien invaders, I’d call it a definite must read.

Couple this with the Evil Overlord list, and you’re pretty much set for life! I’m looking out for you, evil people. Remember me when you’re in total power with your finger on the DESTROY EVERYTHING button.

And then maybe, don’t push that button. Just a thought.

Billy’s Balloon

When I was little, I used to love balloons. They were fun, and simple, and the perfect symbol of fun at a fair or carnival.

But no longer, not after this Don Hertzfeldt masterpiece.

Never again.

Elevator Personality Test

Here’s the quickest personality test you’ll ever take …

Q1: Would you rather be outside, or inside, this elevator?

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

That’s it! I’ll go for inside myself … as long as I wouldn’t have to ride it for more than a few minutes!

Bother bother bother!

Well, my birthday was pretty happy, except my computer sort of…lit up with fire. There was a flame, and smoke, and no understandable cause. So I’m on an unfamlilar computer now, with inferior internet capabilities (but no fire, which really is a plus), so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite links of all times (and I am not even terribly familiar with Harry Potter at all):

Potter Puppet Pals

“Bothering Snape” and “Trouble at Hogwarts” are the two I love. I haven’t yet seen this “Mysterious Ticking Noise” so I can’t say how appropriate it is (this computer is stubbornly refusing to load anything, at all, so I can’t just watch it now, alas). But enjoy.

And thanks for the birthday wishes.


If a motorized toilet or mobile racing bathtub isn’t quite cool enough for you, then check out these motorized pink bunny slippers:

Motorized pink bunny slippers

Greg Solberg (a Firmware Engineer at the incredibly cool Tesla Motors) and significant other Lisa decided to build these all-electric pink bunny slippers just to see if they could do it. While not exactly road worthy (they only go 15 mph), I imagine they would be great fun at a resort or beach.

Interested in building your own odd electric vehicle? Greg would probably love to help. He has a bit of a fascination with strange electrics. He’s build devices such as a “mobile electric floor lamp, end table, love seat, and Barcalounger”. Oh, and he just recently finished this all-electric cupcake:

Electric Cupcake


Full story at Tesla Motors’ Blog via Gizmodo

You Are [something]

Happy Birthday to me!
It’s my birthday (yippee!)
I like to eat cookies,
Happy birthday to me!

Yay! Yep, yep, yep, I’m so old. But I love birthdays, mostly. Time for cake (German chocolate), ice cream (vaaanilla), presents, and cards. I love cards. E-cards and real-life paper cards…it’s nice to get little personal messages (and money!), and even better to get home-made cards. Such cool statements.

But I can’t think of a statement quite like a whole website, right? Perhaps you can think of someone special in your life you’d like to surprise with a website (seemingly) built just to make them feel special?

Just replace “” with your first name and last name, or with your friend’s first and last name (for instance, “joe.shmoe”, or “jane.lynn.doe” there’s no limit to the number of names) in the following web addresses, and voila! An instant message of friendship…or enemyship…or pwnedship. Turn up your speakers and prepare to be…something.

You Are My Friend!

You Are Mighty!

You Are Lame! (I don’t actually think you’re lame)

They Will Be Defeated! (this one is written to you, about your enemy)

You Just Got 0WNED!!1

Do You Have Epilepsy Maybe? [warning: do not view if you actually do have epilepsy!]

I know they’re just silly, but I bet they’d brighten up somebody’s day. A fun way of letting a person know you’re thinking about them.

Check out for a few more…including one Ultra-personalized lovey-dovey one.

(thanks, Amy Winfrey, for the birthday lyrics)

The director claims that the following video is 100% real, although I’m on the fence. What are your thoughts – a trick video, or two guys with far too much time on their hands?

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

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