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Jim Miller and Fred Meyer have invented a hat, using turkey basters and birthday party noisemakers, that serves as musical accompaniment while helping “harmonically impaired musicians” trying to follow along. Honey, take note … I’m officially the “chord hat” to my Christmas list:

(if you can’t see the video, click here, thanks to engadget for the link)

My first thought after seeing this was: “why stop with 3 turkey basters, why not cover the full scale?” Apparently they were thinking the same thing when they invented the more dynamic “pipe hat”:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Sure, the music is of rather dubious quality … but so is half the stuff on the radio. I think aging teen musicians should wear these in concert to help their slipping popularity. Who wouldn’t pay $50 to see Hillary Duff strutting her stuff with a dozen turkey basters onstage?

I’ve found the perfect fashion accessory for the busy, yet forgetful, woman:

Hat that holds papers from Lakme Fashion Week 2007

With the Reminder Hat, your bills, corporate merger plans, grocery lists, extra toilet paper, insinuating photographs of your boss, 3d glasses, lamb kabobs, and more are always an arm’s length away. If you’re really busy, just add more sticks … it’s expandable!

Surprisingly, this is a real fashion accessory displayed last week by designer Narendra Kumar during the 2007 Lakme Fashion Show in India. If he included marshmallows and hot dogs with every hat, I could see this becoming a popular addition to camping trips. What kid wouldn’t want to use their foreheads to make S’mores?

Mr Kumar take note – if it’s flame retardant, I’d buy one.

via Oddly Enough

If you love sending one-of-a-kind postcards to your loved ones while on vacation, Panda Poop Postcards may be for you:

Panda Poop Postcards for Sale

Researchers in China were looking for an environmentally friendly way to eliminate the two tons of panda poop created every day by some panda breeding centers, and came to the natural conclusion of using the poop to make souvenir postcards. Why didn’t I think of that?

The invention wasn’t entirely their own – Thai zoos already use elephant dung to make paper products, although the Chinese researchers are confident that panda poop will make higher quality paper, and even smell like sweet bamboo. Mmmm …


I’m always looking for ways to get more done in less time. Now I’ve found my ideal solution – a hip clothing line that helps to block out almost all unnecessary distractions.

Take this stylish girl, who happens to be wearing a privacy scarf, for example:

Normal looking girl with a scarf

On cold days she can keep her neck warm as she’s walking from Pilates class to the sushi bar, and if she gets a text message on her Blackberry she can quickly pull up her scarf to type away in private:

Scarf in use

Or possibly just take some time off to play a little Nintendo?

Scarf in use for the nintendo

Now that’s style!

The designer also created a full-sized hoodie for computer use at home. It comes complete with earmuffs to block out sound, and even sports a microphone in the back so friends, spouses, and the fire department can get your attention:

Hoodie for the computer obsessed

Hoodie for the tech obsessed

As silly as they look, I’d actually buy one … and wear it on an airplane. There’s nothing worse than spending two hours trying to convince the guy in seat 2A to stop giving me freecell tips. I wonder if airplane safety rules would allow it?

Link via we make money not art

Prank in the Park

The next time you’re looking for a harmless prank to pull on friends, try this:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

thanks prying1

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