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A Hero of Ducks


I love ducks. I think they’re awesome. From their adorable walk, to their cute quacks, to their total reliability (seriously. Ducks are a dependable crew)…but I don’t think that I would actually risk my life for one. I mean, jumping in front of a car…?

The basic gist of the story is, while a woman and her duck (named Mr. Peepers, by the way) were in a pet store purchasing crickets, the woman’s passenger popped into a different store to shoplift himself an i-pod accessory. Smart one.

He then gets into the car to drive away, the woman sees him, tries to stop him, and drops the duck, which flies out in front of the car.

Just as things look black for Mr. Peepers, an employee from the pet store jumps in front of the car to save him. Rather than letting the duck get ruined by this car (as an aside, aren’t most ducks much shorter than cars? I mean, he wasn’t exactly speeding away, to be chased down by two different pedestrians…I can’t imagine he’d be going so fast that Mr. Peepers couldn’t just…well…duck?), the employee instead opted to be hit by the car herself, crushing her ankle (I think she’s fine other than this, fortunately)

I’d like to take this moment to commend the employee who risked her life to save Mr. peepers: A hero of heroes, and a better person than I. And also, Mr. Peepers: the hero who made a brave attempt to stop the thief by flinging himself in front of the car, a better duck than I.

2 Responses to “A Hero of Ducks”

  1. on 22 Apr 2007 at 6:13 am Steven Bothe

    Sounds like you like Ze Frank, HE LOVES DUCKIES!!

    Watch his show at


  2. on 23 Apr 2007 at 11:42 am z

    Show of hands, then? When I first moved to THE CITY, there was a huge cluster**** on a main highway on which I was commuting one evening. As I crept closer, it became apparent that people were stopping and going around a very frantic mama duck who was trying to cross the road (no chickens available for a punch line)with her brood. Duck’s brains being somewhat small, she’d get one duckling from the median to the shoulder, but when she went back for the next one, number one would follow her. What would you do? I put my car on the shoulder with hazard lights on, waved my arms (I’m not tall, but a lot taller than a duck), and scooped up five baby ducklings in my arms. Perhaps not well thought out, but I felt better. I did find out, however, that this is a ticketable offense in Minnesota. I got off with a warning.

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