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Swim across the Atlantic.

Maybe consider bringing your water-wings.

A friend showed this to me, so I’m not sure how new it is, but I got a kick out of it. Just go to Google Maps, and search for directions from New York, New York to Paris, France. Pretty standard, right? Scroll down a bit:

Oh snap.

That is brilliant. Exactly what you asked for, but totally unreasonable: if I worked at Google Maps, I’d be doing this kind of smart alec stuff every day. I guess when you ask Google for directions, Google doesn’t play around! Try it for yourself! Just a note, though, if you decide to take these directions, understand that swimming across the Atlantic is moderately impossible.

But if you make it, I want to have my picture taken with you.

8 Responses to “Swim across the Atlantic.”

  1. on 18 Apr 2007 at 1:47 am Zoning Out Again

    Have you ever stayed in the bath tub too long and come out looking like a corpse? Can you imagine what a person would look like if they swam across the Atlantic? Would you really want to take a picture with that person?

  2. on 18 Apr 2007 at 10:47 am Jason Archambault

    What I find interesting is that they say this trip could be completed in:

    3,800 mi (about 29 days 7 hours).

    If I did my math correctly, which I doubt, your average speed would be just under 2 miles an hour.

    This is great! Thanks for posting! :)

  3. on 18 Apr 2007 at 11:55 am BOSSY

    Swim across the Atlantic? No biggie. All Bossy needs is a canvas raft and a daiquiri.

  4. on 18 Apr 2007 at 2:23 pm Dave

    What this is… is “When Websites talk Smack”

    It’s a wonderful stick it to ya by Google.

    Is it like an Easter Egg?

    If someone tried could Google be sued?

  5. on 18 Apr 2007 at 3:56 pm Karen

    Nah, I doubt Google could be sued for this. It’s exactly what was asked for: a set of directions. Not realistic directions, but they’re directions. Just kind of a prank…

  6. on 18 Apr 2007 at 4:07 pm Freelance Cynic

    Oh my god that’s hilarious. I am totally up for that swim

  7. on 19 Apr 2007 at 8:56 am Erica

    I got a similar email the other day, but the directions were to London. Same thing showed up. :)

  8. on 20 Apr 2007 at 5:11 pm Antilos

    Out of mere play we have to make an attempt and elect a person to across the Atlantic! :)

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