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Archive for April, 2007

There’s nothing better than a really cool purse. OK, maybe there’s quite a few things better, but I always like seeing other women carry around atypical purses. Such as this:

Meat Purse

This just screams “don’t even THINK about asking me if I’m a vegetarian” or maybe “I’m available”. Guys, what would you think if you saw a young lady walking around with that? Grade A, right?

Or how about this bacon briefcase?

Bacon Briefcase

Now THAT’S professional. Personally, I’m more dairy inclined, so I’d probably prefer a cheesier purse:

Cheese Purse

Too bad these food purses aren’t real. I’d buy that ground beef purse just for effect.

These were all part of an ad campaign for some diet program. Oddly enough, it actually made me want to eat a big plate of overcooked bacon. I guess I’d be a bad candidate for their program. Pics taken from Amazing Design World via Spluch.

While researching to see if there were any real beef purses, I did find this limited edition purse by Mark Ryden and Paul Frank, but come on, it’s not really the same, is it?

Real Meat Purse

Plus, they typically sell for over $100 on eBay. That’s right, $100 for a signed white pleather purse with a steak painted on the side. Note to any purse designers out there – maybe it’s time to start looking in the meat aisle at the grocery store for inspiration.

Once again, my weakness for parodies compels me to share with you a most excellent video (it’s been a favorite of mine for some time) :

“Jesus was not a grandpa!”

Man, this whole thing is so quotable! My favorite? “Oh, grail! I thought you said bowl!”

Towel Origami

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ve probably seen towel origami. The stewards or cleaning crew take a large bath towel and fold it into fun shapes (typically animals), and sometimes accessorize it to look more realistic.

Towel Origami folded pig

On some cruises, towel creations are often a bit rushed and shoddy, but I thought these animals were atypically great.

Towel Origami folded hippo

These have been around for hundreds of years, but Carnival Cruise Lines has been credited for making them popular again (they even sell a how-to book).

What has always amazed me is that they’re all created from a single towel.

Towel Origami Folded Bird

OK, quick … what is the first thing you think of when you see this picture:

Towel Origami Folded Monkey

A Ninja, right? It’s supposed to be a monkey, but I like the idea of cleaning crews toiling away folding up Ninjas a lot better.

If you want to learn how to make your own, here is Royal Carribean’s Towel Folding How-to (for non-commercial use only). All pics via Spluch.

Stuff. On cats.

stuff on a cat

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, about the internet, and about websites.
“You know,” she said, “I ought to make a website about–”

And here I interrupted her, because I am a total jerk. “You know,” said I, “you might as well not. I promise, whatever website you’re thinking of, already exists.”

“No,” said she, “Mine would be–”

“–The exact same as another website,” I repeated. “You underestimate the internet. There’s a website for literally everything. Everything.”

Everything, I said, though I didn’t honestly believe it in my heart, not fully. But, one crazy boring evening and a random Google search later, Stuff On My Cat reared its head. It’s just a collection of pictures of…stuff, sitting on top of cats. And I knew then that my prideful claim had been painfully, terrifyingly correct.

This, my friends, is the the beginning of the end of the internet. I mean, once you’ve reached stuff on cats (it’s just stuff on cats, people!! STUFF on CATS), you really don’t have that much farther to go. I mean…stuff on cats?!

Stuff. On cats. I’m going to go outside and remind myself what the sun looks like. I hear there’s fresh air out there…

I should probably be embarassed, but I love captioned pictures (apparently called image macros or lolpics) such as this:

Stealing my bucket

I know, I know, these have been around FOREVER. You’ve probably seen them all in your e-mail, or overused in forums or on MySpace. But I can’t help it, I still love them. Here’s my favorite:

Doing it wrong

I even had that as my desktop background for a while. I’m a sucker for middle school humor I guess. If there was a central repository of these pictures, it would probably be half filled by cats:

Cat on an Invisible Bike

Cat Yelling Hooray

Monorail cat

Spy Among Us

If there’s anyone else out there who likes these pictures, speak up. Otherwise I might start worrying about my sanity. If you have seen any funny ones, send us a link!

And then Congress did Stop the Sun

The following letter was published in the Arkansas Democrat, written by a concerned citizen to the editor:

global warming

I won’t spoil this gem with a lot of commentary. I have no idea if this is sarcasm or not. It’s in a paper called the Democrat, so it could be supporting the joke, or displaying the ignorance. I just…don’t…know. I just…hope it’s not real.

thanks to this blog for having the actual newspaper clip.

Over the past few months, my 2 year old has decided to start using the potty. His primary motivation? Elmo’s Potty Time, a maddeningly repetitive online game that he can play for hours nonstop.

Too bad I don’t speak Japanese though, as I think he’d have fun with this toilet training book:

Hitori de Unchi cover

The idea of “Hitori de Unchi” (approximately meaning “I poop by myself”) is to show different creatures successfully using the toilet. For example, who better than a cat to teach proper bathroom etiquette?

Cat Pooping Unchi

Cat Pooping Unchi 2

Talking poop isn’t reserved for the cat either, the poop always gives the pooper some props afterwards:

Baby Girl Pooping Unchi

I love the muscle-flex, nice touch. The full name of the book is “Hitori de Unchi dekirukana zero ichi nisai no hon akachiyan no asobi ehon bo do butsuku” – does anyone know what this means?

Book Link [YesAsia], pics and translation via Knitting While Intoxicated

The Yo-Yo Master

When I was a kid, I loved playing with Yo-Yos. I thought I was pretty cool when I mastered “Walk the Dog” and “Round the World”. I was the yo-yo king on my block … kind of like this kid:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

OK, maybe not. This guy (Shinji Saito) won the 2006 World Yo-Yo competition in the two-handed class. I’ve now decided to only show off my yo-yo skills to those under 3 years old (and then only if they don’t watch TV or youtube).

Thanks for the video Anita!

“Crazy” Libs!

You remember Mad Libs? Those little books of stories with words blanked out, and you had your friends fill in the words so that the story made no sense? Man, I had so much fun with those when I was little, and finding this website recreation just totally made my day.

They’ve got a pretty nice collection of stories, and if you’re into that kind of (admittedly childish) humor, you should have all kinds of fun with this. Here’s a story I created about a Knight and a Dragon:

“Once upon a time, there was a fuzzy knight named Jasper, who, by his valiant taste, saved the kingdom from the dry dragon and murdered the princess in the nick of time. He rode his soapy duck from the crappy tundra upon which the kingdom was built, journeying into the unknown. He was morose and did not stop for fear the dragon would shank them all [that last phrase? My absolute favorite.].

By and by, he came to a giant mirror which blocked his path. He stopped and waddled cheerfully to himself. Then, summoning his grumpy sorrow, he washed the mirror out of his way and continued onward.

At last, he reached the dark cave of the silky dragon. The dragon curdled at his approach. They fought half-heartedly. The battle was conniving and cold, raging a whole three seconds, until at last, the knight seized the dragon by the shin and ate him in the uvula [second favorite 😀]. The princess was grateful, and the knight pranked her over his shoulder and returned to the king. The two promptly fell, and they lived wistfully ever after.”

Haha, ooooohhh my. I think it’s almost funnier when the phrases actually make sense…though, I think I might find this whole thing funnier than I should. Enjoy!

Want to See What I Look Like?

Daily Blog Tips is holding a friendly face-off between this site and Random Good Stuff. Since they required a photo, I thought “why not?” and submitted one from a couple years ago.

Contest Picture Teaser

Click the picture, or check out the face-off here, to get an idea for what I look like. Oh, and don’t forget to vote!

And for those who are wondering – no, my hair isn’t green, it’s just a REALLY bad photo (and me tinkering with the colors in photoshop just seemed to make it worse)!

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