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Archive for March, 2007

Are really bad special effects worse than no special effects at all? See what you think after watching these ridiculous short videos:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

(if you can’t see the video, you can view it at VideoSift)

The Human Hamsterball

Now, every hamster owning child’s dream has been realized … a giant 7 foot tall human hamsterball:
Human Hamsterball

The “Giga Ball” comes both in this 7 foot tall adult version and in a smaller (and presumably more home-friendly) kid’s version. I couldn’t find any videos of the 7 foot hamsterball, but these kids seem to love their smaller one:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

If you’ve ever had a real hamsterball, you probably learned the hard way (like me) that these are best used downstairs or outside. Have a spare $200 and can’t live without your own Hamsterball? Pick one up at Target.

First Date Horror Story?

Have any first date horror stories? A dinner that ended with a pre-planned pickled pig’s foot scavenger hunt around town? A guy who picked you up on his bicycle for a date that was 20 miles away? A blind date that turned out to be a poorly disguised Barbados Blackbelly Sheep?

First Date

My worst first date started out quite normal: we went to a party, chatted with friends, had some drinks, etc. The problem is that the etc. part included a broad range of activities such as “having some more drinks” and “drinking once again”. Pretty normal college first date, until …

The next morning at daybreak I was woken, fully clothed on a crisply made bed, in a strange room by a smelly white kitten sitting on my chin and licking my face. The room was covered with … let’s just say leftovers … of the prior evening’s dinner, which a crazed squirrel (a window had been propped open) and the kitten were now voraciously cleaning up. Thankfully they were expert carpet cleaners, so we were able to escape at about the same time as the squirrel.

This strange room was almost 50 miles from where we needed to be, which made for a rather uncomfortable car ride. Somehow along that 50 mile stretch it also turned out to be the best ending to a date ever. 11 years later we’re still laughing at the circumstances (and small critters) that helped bring us together. 😉

Cartoon via Mordant Orange (thanks clangnuts!)

Deer with doorbell ringer in its rear

Believe it or not, the deer doorbell ringer in this picture is 100% real. Would you switch doctors if you had to ring for service? I wonder if the head of the deer is on the other side acting as a coat rack for patients?

Original picture, illustrating that the deer was not photoshopped, from John. 😉

Satan might be a Cat

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

The Presurfer says “cats are evil. We all know that. This particular cat named Lucifer (what’s in a name) even causes two cars to crash during a German Touring Car race.”. I’ve got nothing at all to add to that truism, especially after watching the video.

We now have an exclusive update on the chinese family who refused to leave their home, even after it looked like this:

China House
(if you haven’t seen the original story, you can read it here)

Turns out that the local Chinese government has decided to turn up the heat. Here is a photo that we just took at daybreak this morning:

China Island Home Evacuation

I also had the rare opportunity to interview a local Chinese government official on the developing story. Here are his responses:

Anita: Sir, this photograph makes it look like you are trying to bully the owners out of their home.
Official: Not at all, we are trying to help them.

Anita: Huh? That’s seems rather far fetched, can you clarify?
Official: Oh yes, sorry. Two nights ago, after the news slipped past our censors, err, I mean … after the world learned of this family’s honorable stand, a large dam malfunctioned and flooded the work site. The family almost drowned.

Anita: It ONLY damaged this work site? And that’s why you installed a 50 foot deep drainage pipe in their exit path?
Official: Yes, it was quite a unique accident. Due to family ties, the government would not allow us to move the family, so we installed the drainage pipe. Our non-government affiliated contractors chose the location, there were no ulterior motives.

Anita: Then how do you justify the shark?
Official: Again, for their protection. The unprecedented media attention drew large crowds of people who were swimming to the family’s island to offer assistance. We cannot allow such disruption, so we flew in a Great White shark to fend off the crowds.

Anita: Wouldn’t this put the family’s lives at danger too? Why not at least give them a sturdy boat, or build them a bridge?
Official: Those are excellent questions. I’ll ask my superiors once we finish installing the electrified steps down to the row boat.

Original pic via Spluch

Exposed Outdoors

Men, what do you think … would you take care of business in one of these?

Chinese Outdoor Public Urinal

China appears to be the first country to install outdoor public urinals that are actually intended for daytime usage. At least they were polite enough to provide some coverage for those men who still utilize the pants-at-the-knees technique.

Not known for their shyness, the Dutch have installed wide open 4-man urinals that are dropped off around Amsterdam’s busy clubs and pubs in the late afternoon, then carted away in the morning:

Amsterdam Outdoor Urinal

They even conceived of a quick, yet somewhat private, outdoor toilet for women:

Amsterdam Outdoor Urinal for Women

Private? Slightly. Embarrassing? Infinitely. The lack of a seat base would be my first hint that something isn’t quite right about this toilet, and it gets worse.

According to the anonymous reader who sent me these pictures from Amsterdam, the idea is to pee in a tube that is emptied directly into the canal, and then any other business is performed on the ground. As you may have noticed, the city was nice enough to leave a pooper scooper for you to clean up after yourself. How horrifying!

Finally, for men who long to get back to their woodland roots, yet spend their days in the concrete jungle of the city, Joa Herrenknecht has created the pee tree:

The Pee Tree - Urinal Shaped like a Tree

Men’s bathrooms could presumably be converted into porcelain forests, with the chirping of recorded birds complementing the relaxing sound of water flowing down each tree trunk. OK, but do men really want to worry about who is going to peek over or around the tree? Aren’t urinals already too close for comfort?

Chinese urinal pic via Oddly Enough, Pee-tree via the PeePee project.

The Skiing Ostrich

The snow on the slopes may be melting, but this ostrich plans to ski until there’s nothing left:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I wonder how they train ostriches to ski? I’ve actually been told this is part of an advertisement for a Japanese railway system (which, of course, makes perfect sense).

What do you get when you mix 10 packets of McDonalds ketchup, 1 order of fries, and a skilled painter? Throw in some really annoying catchy music, and you get this:

(if you can’t see the video, click blank)

Las Vegas, Nevada (Strutts News Services) – After becoming a famous recording artist, Britney Spears has also become an authority on the ins and outs of drug rehabilitation facilities. Recently Ms. Spears realized that she has a higher calling, and now she’s a spokeperson combating female under-representation in the workforce.

With little fanfare, Britney shaved her head and joined the Blue Man Group to show by example that sexism can’t be tolerated, even in a theater rock band. Changing her name to “Spears Akimbo”, she has replaced Blue No. 2 and renamed the band “Blue Person Group”.

Blue Man Group with Britney

Ms. Akimbo (Spears) had no intelligible comment worth printing, but the original Blue No. 2 was despondent: “They wouldn’t even let me help paint her up.” Blue No. 3 was more optimistic: “This could work, if we could just get her to stop singing.”

A new video is scheduled for release the day after never.

Pic via Stereogum

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