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First Date Horror Story?

Have any first date horror stories? A dinner that ended with a pre-planned pickled pig’s foot scavenger hunt around town? A guy who picked you up on his bicycle for a date that was 20 miles away? A blind date that turned out to be a poorly disguised Barbados Blackbelly Sheep?

First Date

My worst first date started out quite normal: we went to a party, chatted with friends, had some drinks, etc. The problem is that the etc. part included a broad range of activities such as “having some more drinks” and “drinking once again”. Pretty normal college first date, until …

The next morning at daybreak I was woken, fully clothed on a crisply made bed, in a strange room by a smelly white kitten sitting on my chin and licking my face. The room was covered with … let’s just say leftovers … of the prior evening’s dinner, which a crazed squirrel (a window had been propped open) and the kitten were now voraciously cleaning up. Thankfully they were expert carpet cleaners, so we were able to escape at about the same time as the squirrel.

This strange room was almost 50 miles from where we needed to be, which made for a rather uncomfortable car ride. Somehow along that 50 mile stretch it also turned out to be the best ending to a date ever. 11 years later we’re still laughing at the circumstances (and small critters) that helped bring us together. 😉

Cartoon via Mordant Orange (thanks clangnuts!)

3 Responses to “First Date Horror Story?”

  1. on 15 Mar 2007 at 6:38 am Nessa

    Friends tried to fix me up with this guy at their house. We bored each other to tears. But this other guy, who kept interrupting, ended up being my hubby (the only person there who is still in my life.)

  2. on 15 Mar 2007 at 9:45 am Rhea

    I learned never to schedule dinner for a first date, when you can just do a drink. That way, if it’s really unbearable, you can escape quickly.

  3. on 03 Jun 2007 at 2:33 am Patty

    I went on the worst date of my life last night. He took me out to eat Mexican food and then we went to the movies and watched ‘Knocked Up’. I really liked the guy and had alot of fun with him. We went to the lake and things got hot and heavy till it was time for him to take me home.1 minute from home We saw blue lights in the rear view mirror. He was arrested for driving while taking perscription drugs and the officer let me walk home. On the way walking home I was digging through my purse looking for my lighter and i saw blue lights again beside me. They said I was stumbling down the road. I was hand cuffed and taken to jail. I was aressted for PI(public intoxication) even though i had not a drop to drink or anything. I asked for them to take a drug test to prove my innocence but my pleas fell on deaf ears. So my first date in 9 years is costing me 200 dollars. I will never date again!!!!

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