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Your votes (all 321 of them) from our Best Short Joke Mini Contest have been tallied, and the joke with the most votes was this one:

Two cows are standing in a field. The first one asks “Aren’t you worried about this mad cow disease?” The second one responds “It doesn’t worry me, I’m a duck”.

For submitting this joke, wins the $25 prize (he requested a check in lieu of our super secret mystery prize). Here are the other 4 jokes rounding out the top 5:

#2 (from SteveT)

Guy comes home, yells to his wife, “Pack your bags! I just won the lottery!” “Where are we going?” she asks. “What do you mean ‘we’?” he says.

#3 (from Dusty)

What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

#4 (from LoQtus)

What do you call an Amish man with his hand in a horse’s butt? A mechanic.

#5 (from O’Bunny)

A skeleton walks into a bar and says “Give me a beer and a mop.”

Hopefully you all enjoyed our fun little contest!

One Response to “Joke Contest: We Have a Winner!”

  1. on 18 Feb 2007 at 7:39 pm Mr. Fabulous

    Oh man, how did I miss this contest?

    I am SO firing my assistant…

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