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What could make a better clothing material than toilet paper? It’s cheap, easy to work with, and fits other needs in a pinch. So you have that little issue with wetness, but who needs to go outside in the rain nowadays anyway?

Hmmm … maybe that’s why they don’t toilet paper bikinis … but as you’ll see, people have tried to make just about everything else.

Evening Dress:

Toilet Paper Evening Dress

This dress was part of the “Affordable Fashions” display at Gracious Home (NYC) in 2005. Other dresses were made out of napkins, ball chain, and bubble wrap! Picture via (thanks Lisa!)

Wedding Dress:

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This wedding dress was created by Jaymi Horne, a runner up in the First Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Contest. If you didn’t see these back in October when the results were announced, check out the amazing dress made by the grand prize winner. (thanks to Scribal Terror for the link)

Assorted clothing:

Toilet Paper Ze Frank Contest

Back in 2001, Ze Frank held a toilet paper fashion contest. Over 100 people sent him pictures of their creations (my three favorites are shown above). See all contestants at Ze Frank (warning: some contestants should have worn a little more toilet paper).

Toilet paper tie:

Toilet Paper Tie

Apparently if you e-mail him your address, he’ll make you one. It’s scented too! From The Daily Kimchi

Canadian toilet paper fashion contest:

Student Toilet Paper Fashion Contest

This odd fashion show staged 8 young Canadian fashion designers against one another for a $2,500 grand prize from Cashmere (who is trying to market a 3-ply toilet paper). I guess the designers didn’t have to worry about running out of necessities in the bathroom!

Pictures were taken by Geoff Barrenger and can be accessed at the bottom of the article in Elle Canada.

And just for fun – a silly toilet paper dispenser hat:

Toilet Paper Hat Dispenser

To see part 1 of the series, scroll down or click here: Toilet Paper Artwork Part 1 – Air Vent Sculptures

Tickle Me

Do you think you’re funny … or do you have a good joke that you’d like to try out? If so, now you can get an unbiased opinion from the unlikeliest of places – Google. That’s right, apparently Google has a sense of humor, and is anxiously waiting to critique your jokes.

Skeptical? Me too, until I just asked Google to “tickle me”. And guess what? Google laughed! Actually, only 86% of Google laughed, but that’s still a lot of Googleliciousness for just two words.

Want to give it a shot? Go to Make Google Laugh. If you create good ones, I’d definitely love to know.

Time for a few more jokes. Let’s see what Google thinks:

First: A REALLY BAD joke that I just made up

What is the difference between the Easter Bunny and a well rested blogger?
Some people still believe the Easter Bunny exists.

The verdict? No laughter, Google only found it 3.5246% funny. I was hoping for at least 3.53%, but I think I’ll live.

Second: A nonsense kids joke that I just made up

Oink Oink.
Moo there?
Poo hoo?
Poo poo!

Google’s verdict? Google laughs!!! Almost 65% funny. Now if only Google could tell me what my cow and pig knock-knock joke actually meant, I’d be impressed!

Third: A silly kid’s knock knock joke from a friend’s 6 year old

Knock Knock
Who’s there?

(note: if you plan to deliver this joke, say CHICKEN well before the person can finish saying “chicken who”)

The verdict? Google laughs!!! 100% FUNNY! No applause needed, my comedy tour starts next week.

How did you do? Did you make Google laugh? If so (or if you just want to share your jokes), leave me a comment. I had a lot of fun with this, and hope you did too! 😉

(found via Google Blogoscoped)

Have you ever seen temporary city sculptures made out of toilet paper? They’re pretty neat, and easy to make a simple one. All you need is toilet paper, a subway vent with upward airflow, and some creativity. Oh, and having a friend handy to chase away nosy birds and TP thiefs can’t hurt either.

Below are a few examples of larger sculptures. If you’ve ever seen these yourself, let us know (or even better, send us a picture).


Toilet Paper Sculpture - Barcelona


Toilet Paper Sculpture - Madrid

Toilet Paper Sculpture - Madrid 2
via iceblog

I was in France in 2003 and saw someone quickly setting up a small sculpture (using only 1-2 rolls), but have never seen other pictures taken from outside Spain. Perhaps Spain is the only industrialized country where officials wouldn’t notice if toilet paper was covering the streets?

I’d love to see a pic or video of someone trying this in New York (or any other big city). Any takers?

(if you haven’t already, you can see part 2 here: Toilet Paper Artwork Part 2 – Clothing)

The Oddest Commercials Ever?

Over the past week I’ve been on an advertising kick. After publishing my choices for the Top 10 Billboard Advertisements, I had decided not to post any more funny or cool ads for a while. However, just as I was finishing a different post, a friend sent me what I could only describe as the strangest video I have ever seen:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

By the third time watching it, I couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently this was a big hit in England, and was inspired by a commercial for Quiznos (also by the same producer):

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I’m now told this is a relatively old commercial, but since I had never seen it (and am still laughing from these “spongmonkeys”), I thought maybe some of you hadn’t either.

What do you think … funny, annoying, or just dumb?

BifSniff is a collaborative blog started by two Irishmen – “Brendan O’Connell (Bif) and Frank Prendergast (who, despite all the questions, is not ‘Sniff’)”. Over the past few years, they have drawn hundreds of fantastic cartoons, often leveraging funny interpretations of common English phrases and a simple one cell format to create a fun and refreshing weekly read.

Three of my favorites are included below, but I’d definitely suggest checking out the cartoons section of their site to see for yourself … I was laughing the whole way through.

A Deadly Game:

A deadly game




Thinking outside the box

I particularly liked that last one. I always snicker whenever someone proclaims “let’s think outside the box” during a meeting. To me, this statement should mean “Fun time! Let’s go get something to drink, take a walk, swim a few laps, or ride Shetland ponies at the carnival to get some fresh ideas away from the office.” Instead, this is really just another way of saying “Hey gang, let’s pull out the markers and start drawing some pretty pictures and … oh yeah, I call ‘not it’, haha!”

Next time my son wants to dump all his toys on the floor and sit in his toy box, I think I’ll just reply “No honey, why don’t we think outside the box tonight?”

Why do Advertising executives think that a blurry photo of five 30 foot horses on the side of the road is going to make me drink beer? Or why do they think that I’d even attempt to remember the phone number of a fat greasy lawyer while I’m attempting to simultaneously finish my crossword puzzle puzzle, eat a waffle, and change from 4th to 5th?

Due to the abundance of bad roadside ads, I typically admire cool, funny, or just amazingly creative billboards while driving. Below are my choices for top 10 real billboard advertisements:

10. Bic ad:

3d bic ad
Apparently located in England. However, this is the only one of the ten that I can’t independantly confirm as being real (if you’ve seen it, let me know where). Picture via

9. Moving and storage ad:

Doll collection freaks people out
I saw a few of these in New York last time I was there. At the time, I thought it would have been much funnier if the adjacent billboard read: “Why store your doll collection? There’s plenty of freaky people on eBay!” Picture via Billboardom

8. Max Factor mascara:

Max Factor Crying Billboard
This cool billboard changes from an attractive model to a make-up nightmare when it rains. Not sure how this is supposed to help sell more mascara though. Picture via Frederik Samuel

7. Sign from God:

Sign from God
Funny and a clever play on words – definitely more amusing than the other dozen or so “Billboards from God” dotting our highways. Picture via

6. Ikea – The page cannot be displayed:

Ikea page cannot be displayed
This electronic billboard was supposed to be showing a real advertisement, but it looks like Windows (or their network) pooped out. While almost certainly not intentional, something tells me this would make a great ad for a Microsoft competitor. Picture via

5. Gain – Irresistible Scent:

Gain - irresistable scent
3d billboard ads are popping up everywhere, particularly in big cities. This is one of my favorites, probably because it’s the first laundry detergent ad that was both effective and made me laugh. Picture via

4. Ford Mustang Blurred Motion:

Blurred Screen Billboard
This simple Ford Mustang billboard isn’t painted – it was actually created using a special type of semi-transparent material that blurs the scene behind it to make it look like you’re moving really fast, regardless of weather. UPDATE: looks like this was just a concept by Ian Hart, would have been a great ad though.

3. Nike 10k in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nike 10K
Another new trend is interactive billboards. In this ground level billboard, passersby can walk or run on the enclosed treadmill. For every kilometer run, Nike will donate a certain amount to UNICEF. Picture via Briefblog

2. Massive 3d Adidas goalkeeper:

Adidas Ad - Oliver Kahn
To make sure they weren’t upstaged by Nike or other rivals, Adidas constructed this massive 3d advertisement at the Munich airport for the 2006 World Cup. Defining this as a billboard may be a stretch, but it was too cool not to include. Picture via

1. Summer 2006 Cartoon Network:

Comedy Central Ad Campaign
These funny ads showed up in the summer of 2006 all over the country. Most people had no idea what they meant, and the uncertainty heightened the buzz. After a few weeks, The Cartoon Network revealed characters on each ad (bottom right panel). Pictures via Andy little, here, here, and here

And finally, here’s one that was just taken today … it didn’t quite make my top ten, but I thought it was pretty funny:

Plenty of room for God's creatures

If you’ve seen others that you think should be included, let me know and I’ll post them here.

Have you ever noticed that Paris Hilton looks a lot like Smurfette?

Smurfette vs. Paris Hilton

The similarities don’t end at appearances either:

Smurfette: Premiered in 1981 on NBC
Paris Hilton: Born 17 February 1981

Smurfette: Was magically created out of clay by Gargamel to cause jealousy and competition between smurfs
Paris Hilton: Has a clay personality, thinks everyone is jealous, and wants famous men fighting over her

Smurfette: Considered to be the worst singer in all of Smurfdom
Paris Hilton: Did you ever listen to her album, Paris?

Smurfette: Wears tiny white dresses that barely cover her smurfly parts
Paris Hilton: Wears tiny white dresses, and often shows her, uh, smurfly parts

Smurfette: Always causing trouble, including flooding of the smurf village
Paris Hilton: Do we need to go into details?

Smurfette: Underwent extensive plastic smurfery to become a blond bombshell
Paris Hilton: Underwent extensive plastic surgery to transform her from smurfly-looking to tabloid-worthy

Smurfette: Has large smurf feet
Paris Hilton: Is embarassed that plastic surgery couldn’t shrink her large feet

Smurfette: Lives under a mushroom in a strange fantasy world
Paris Hilton: Lives a strange fantasy life, and (based on her smarts) presumably grew up under a mushroom

Coincidence? I think not. 😉

A couple weeks ago I was told “This is a humor site, try not to get too nerdy.” Well, I guess Anita is going to kill me for this post (or at least start moderating me).

Strange but true – your HP deskjet scanner can play music. Nope, scanners don’t come with speakers, but they can be programmed to scan in such a way that it sounds like music. We’re not talking concert hall quality, but music nonetheless – check it out:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

For those of you on the nerdy side (like me), you can download the source code and learn how to create your own scanner music here.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll even write a program that you can download and play songs on your scanner, and post a video of songs that I create. Yes, I’m serious. Any requests?

This advertisment takes the “dumb blonde” misnomer to the extreme:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Found via. So all I need to do is buy a Mercedes, and I’ll stop asking dumb questions, right?

Yes, the headline is correct, a miniature toy dinosaur modeled after Dino from The Flintstones has destroyed an entire volcano in New Zealand. While this may seem hard to believe, our Crack team of journalists have scoured the world for exclusive pictures, and now have the straight poop.

As many of you may have read back in 2004, a prankster placed a toy Dino in front of the webcam at the White Island Crater in New Zealand. This story garnered huge media attention (you can see one of the stories here) and, as one would expect, brought immense fame and fortune to NZ Geologists.

Here is the original picture that started the buzz:

Dino at Crater 2004

While the geologists originally intended to parlay their good luck into the creation of a Kiwi version of The Wiggles, their plans were quickly thwarted when studies showed that the acidic atmosphere would dissolve Dino within 3 months. “Mate, we were devestated” said Olde Jack MacDonald, “but this whole bit is now a little dodgy, and I’m all buggered out b’fore I even’ve sculled my second pint.”

But as time went on, it became obvious that this wasn’t a normal dinosaur. While the acid dissolved cameras, tourists’ clothing (sorry, we can’t show those pics), and even the volcano rim itself, Dino remained:

Dino before the rampage

The world (OK, just the geologists and their internet girlfriends from Russia) soon became obsessed with finding Dino’s source of longevity. Some even reported seeing Dino stalking the crater at night. “Just look’at hiz eyes, he’s gone mad!” said one geologist, “I’m getting out of here for good, and I’m not gonna rest til’ I’m home ‘n hosed”.

On October 31st at 7:00pm, the webcam went dead (its publicly available final images are here). At least, that’s what they want us to believe. It turns out that the camera snapped one more picture the next day, right before Geonet took it offline, and a quick fingered member of our Crack team happened to download the photo:

Dino destroys volcano

Nobody knows if Dino used explosives or an unseen fire breathing talent, but sources tell us that only a large mountain of ash was left by that evening.

Luckily, Dino went back to his normal cute self after enacting vengeance upon the volcano, and was given away as a chew toy to a blind dog at the NZSPCA. The volcano and cameras are still under repair by the folks at Disney, and will re-open once the Magic Mountain tracks can be adequately concealed from the webcam.

So as not to face public ridicule and embarassment, Geonet has created this obviously fake story to explain the disappearance of the webcam. Come on guys, do you expect us to believe that a rubber dinosaur can withstand acid better than a special camera housing inside an old factory? You would have thought they could have come up with a better story than that.

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