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UpdateThe caption contest is over (although feel free to add new captions). Almost all the entries were funny, so it was tough to choose my favorites, but here goes nothing (in order posted):

  • “Huh? I got something where? On my left or right cheek?”word_sling
  • “Hey shhhh! I’m in camouflage.”Paul
  • “I may have made a slight mess, hope mommy doesn’t notice.”libragirl
  • “Don’t ask me where the chicken is. Just don’t ask…”Richie
  • “Man, these are some complex carbohydrates.”Diesel

Wanted: great caption for this cute messy baby (submit as a comment)
Reward: a lifetime of fame & fortune (i.e., I’ll list the best captions in the post and link to your site)

Cute Japanese Baby covered with Rice
(if anyone knows the original source, let me know)

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  1. on 27 Mar 2010 at 2:01 am ã…¡ã…¡ã…‹

    he’s korean haha…. i saw him at his mother’s blog

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