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After reading of my desire to join the Japenese Air Force, an astute reader (Wolfe of Wolfe’s Musings) sent us the following REAL Japanese recruiting video:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Japan’s Maritime Self-defense Force (their navy) commissioned actors to create this recruiting video on a Hatsuyuki destroyer’s deck. I’m assuming that they’ve amassed a rather interesting crew with the video’s catchy “We have seaman ship, seaman ship, for love.”

Even the Japanese had mixed emotions. One commentator blamed the video on the british (who apparently taught the Japanese Navy how to be “fashionable.”), while a young lady mused that “at least they could have used good-looking guys”. (via Mainichi WaiWai)

Maybe the Japanese got the idea from the U.S. Navy, who supplied The Village People with a ship, several hundred men, and aircraft at the San Diego Naval base to perform the following video (with the intent of using it for recruiting):

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I think I’ll stick to the Japanese Air Force, thank you! πŸ˜‰

Return of Snowzilla *UPDATED*

Today we had our first real snowfall in the Baltimore area, so my son and I decided to build a snowman:


What do you think? Not bad for an afternoon, right? πŸ˜‰

Actually, as you may have seen in the news, this 22-24 foot tall monster snowman is the second coming of Snowzilla. This year, the Anchorage visionary behind Snowzilla made his creation a hulking 8 feet taller than last year (more info at msnbc).

For comparison, check out the (still giant) Winter 2005/2006 Snowzilla:

Snowzilla 2005 and 2006
(via Neatorama)

This year’s snowman is so big he had to use beer bottles for eyes, and a power drill to cut holes for the tree limb arms. You could almost make a fort inside the snowman he’s so massive (although after seeing The dog that stopped the war as a kid, I don’t think I’d ever step foot into a snow fort).

UPDATE: One of our readers, Nathan Drach, sent us a link to this in-progress 19 foot snowman in Madison, WI that was built in honor of Scott Bremser, a friend of his who recently died in a car accident:
Scott Bremser Snowman

Employees of Scott’s workplace built this snowman as a teambuilding activity as a fun memorial to Scott’s reputation as a team-builder:

It took eight people nearly six hours to build the snowman out of snow pulled from a ditch and water.

Employees used a Bobcat skid loader and snow fencing to pile the snow into the shape of a snowman. They piled on tires for a hat and added PVC pipes for arms, a construction cone for a nose and a king-sized sheet ripped into long strips and sewn together for a scarf.

You can read the entire story of this massive goodwill snowman on Nathan Drach’s Blog.

Every once in a while, I find something that is so unique that I feel compelled to share, even if it is completely unrelated to humor. This time-lapse video fits the bill … I thought the photography, settings, and music were simply beautiful:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Interested in joining the Japanese Air Force? I am, after seeing a picture of their recruits in action:

japanese fighter pilots in training

Apparently they take a very zen-like approach to flying: first learning to “be the plane” before flying it. Either that, or they have connected their 330 combat aircraft to Nintendo Wiimotes for remote control fun over the internet. Who needs real battle when you can decide your countries fate over a game of Wii Bowling?

Given Japan’s aversion to war, the Air Force has had trouble recruiting even for these plum positions. Their new marketing ploy? Lower the recruiting age:

Airplane costume
(pics via Tigers and Cranes and BuyCostumes)

If you arrived here from somewhere else, check out the equally unbelievable Japanese Navy Recruiting Video.

Cool Stop Motion Race in a Library

If you enjoy stop-motion animation and videos, or you’re a fan of the Star Wars pod races, you’ll probably like this:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Ever wish you were still in college and could waste hours a day on complete randomness? If I ever took a sabbatical, I’d spend my first week making stop motion and time-lapsed videos … not sure why, but I just love both.

Thank you all!

On Friday, I learned that Say No to Crack is a finalist for Best New Blog in the 2007 Weblog of the Year Awards (“The Bloggies”). Voting is still open to select the #1 New Blog (directions below), but first I wanted to thank you all so much for your support and nominations so far!

This site has become something far more random, more fun, and more interesting than I initially conceived – all because of your feedback, comments, and submissions. I would give you an award or something, but since you’ve already been named Time’s person of the year, how can I beat that? πŸ˜‰

Hand from Toilet

Voting for the #1 new blog will continue until Friday, February 2nd. To vote, go to (you don’t need to vote for every category, the Best New Blog category is near the bottom).

At any time, feel free to contact me via the tab at the top of the page, or e-mail: anitab83 -at- gmail -dot- com. I love posting your submissions, or expanding on ideas if you wish, and will always give you and your site credit.

Thanks again! πŸ˜‰

You’ve probably seen the odd Burger King commercials with “The King”. These are the ads where all of a sudden a guy dressed as a king (complete with a massive plastic king head) pops up in unsuspecting places: the actor’s bedroom, outside their window, a bus stop, etc.

I always thought these commercials were pretty funny, but I also know some people find them creepy (one friend had nightmares of “The King” for a month after seeing the bedroom ad). Either way, “The King” is popular … so much so that Burger King recently released an XBOX 360 game featuring him.

Here’s the game trailer:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

How silly can a game get? Surprisingly, it has sold over 2 Million copies (at U.S. Burger Kings) to become one of the most popular games of the past year. If you or your kids already have this game, what do you think? Is it as strange as the promo video appears?

Video via Emmanuel BRUNET

News flash: A presumably sleep deprived scientist has created the perfect pick me up: a donut that packs 2 cups worth of caffeine with no bitter aftertaste (via).

The scientist immediately scoffed at suggestions that this concoction was a potential health hazard. To support his case, he presented this evidence to show that “at least 9%” of the donut is healthy:

Donut Cartoon

My question is: would people actually eat these? Would you?

I say we need to combine more seemingly unrelated foods. I’m just waiting for scientists to create Chocolate Hodinky Juice – this is a hot dog, wrapped in a twinkie, fried in corn dog batter, covered in chocolate, infused with caffeine, sprinkled with Reese’s Pieces, then finally dipped in the adult beverage of your choice.

A full day’s worth of edible vices in one food, coming to your local Dunkin Donuts in 2008.

Tic and Tac LOVE to run around their hamster wheel … particularly Tic. He is so fast that the his owner put a speedometer on the wheel so Tic could set and break world hamster speed records. Who would have thought that hamsters had such a competitive streak?

I thought this was pretty cute and funny:

(if you can’t see the video, click here, link via Brohans)

If you’re curious how fast Tic was going, divide the top # by 10 to get km/h (or by 16 to get mph). Looks a lot faster than 4 miles per hour, huh?

Every once in a while, most of us have accidentally tooted our own horn at precisely the wrong time. For others, though, dropping bombs in public is like carrying around an aromatic buttock bassoon or gluteal tuba, complete with coveted crowd clearing capabilities.

For those afflicted with such unfortunate timing, or just lacking in self-control, there’s now a solution … the Under-Tec UnderEase:

Gas trapping underwear

These stylish unisex undergarments are made from 7 layers of different material, including a replaceable charcoal filter that marks the centerpiece of this groundbreaking technology. As an added bonus, you’d always have a spare filter handy in case you need to quickly change your home water filter.

If you’re not convinced, Under-Tec would like you to follow their company motto: Ò€œWear them for the ones you love.Ò€ πŸ˜‰

via about:blank

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