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Archive for December, 2006

For some odd reason, 2006 seems to be the year of the Ninja.

We had Ask a Ninja (let me know if you haven’t seen the videos and I’ll post one … I just figured most people were already tired of him), return in force of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ninja halloween costumes (thankfully no chinese stars in my neighborhood), Ninja toys, Ninja training manuals/videos, and Urban Ninja stunts such as this one:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Apparently the Ninja trend is slowly engulfing all areas of society. Now even the homeless and panhandlers are joining in. No, they aren’t dressing up as Ninjas and using their secret Ninja powers to coerce business people into handing over wads of cash. But there’s a disturbing trend that has been spreading for a couple years that apparently has now reached epic proportions … real ninjas who go around creating grief-stricken homeless adults by killing off their parents. Luckily these homeless people are now striking back:

Parents killed by ninja
(thanks Ed Fladung)

Father killed by ninjas
(thanks lockergnome)

Last year I saw a guy in New York with one of these signs, and it had an internet address at the bottom (talk about offbeat marketing). So what does all this Ninja nonsense mean? Is there a bubble in the Ninja market? Should I sell all my valuable Ninja Cabbage Patch dolls and Lego sets? Possibly … but I’m keeping my Ninja pet rock and underoos. 😉

Our Identify the Picture contest is now even easier to win. The new pictures show a sizeable part of the final image, and I also added 2 more clues for each picture. For example, here’s one of the pictures from last week and the same picture today:

Last week:
pic 5 before
clue: Not for the meek
This week:
pic 5
Not for the meek
What is that inside?
You like dogs too?

We’ve received responses that are correct for at least 3 of the pictures, so it’s quite likely that with the new clues and pictures someone will win this week. Remember, you can leave as many guesses as you want, but your last guess is the only one that’s counted. Click here to go to the contest and enter your guesses. If you have general comments about our contest, feel free to enter them here (but only put your entries on the contest post).

Crazy Saudi road skaters

I think everyone’s imagined that they could get out of the car while it’s moving and pull some crazy stunt. You know, like surfing on the top (like Teen Wolf), jumping onto another car (like in The Matrix), or just touching your sneaker to the ground to see if it really would catch on fire from the friction (hmmm … can’t think of a movie for this one).

But I’ve never heard of trying to skate, without a skateboard, while hanging onto a car! I saw this video on YouTube a couple days ago … see what you think:

(if you can’t see the video Click here)

What’s amazing is that this video looks legit. The combination of slick, well kept, roadways (paid for by our oil money of course) and flat soled sandals must be ideal for asphalt skating / surfing at 60 miles per hour. Even so, I’ll gladly take the designated driver role and leave the surfing for the Saudis … imagine, one pothole and you’re camel fodder!

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