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Will it blend followup

You have probably seen the sometimes ridiculous (and sometimes funny) “Will It Blend” commercials for the industrialized home blender that will blend just about anything (from cell phones to rakes to hockey pucks … if you haven’t seen them, check out our videos). Here’s a fantastic spoof of these ads that I just found on YouTube:

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

The transitions from blending to blended, and the last 30 seconds, just cracked me up.

2 Responses to “Will it blend followup”

  1. on 19 Dec 2006 at 12:34 pm prying1

    I’ll take ’em at their word and ‘not try it at home’…

  2. on 19 Dec 2006 at 3:59 pm MC

    I wonder if they thanked Blendtec because they allowed them to use the music?

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