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Our Identify the Picture contest is now even easier to win. The new pictures show a sizeable part of the final image, and I also added 2 more clues for each picture. For example, here’s one of the pictures from last week and the same picture today:

Last week:
pic 5 before
clue: Not for the meek
This week:
pic 5
Not for the meek
What is that inside?
You like dogs too?

We’ve received responses that are correct for at least 3 of the pictures, so it’s quite likely that with the new clues and pictures someone will win this week. Remember, you can leave as many guesses as you want, but your last guess is the only one that’s counted. Click here to go to the contest and enter your guesses. If you have general comments about our contest, feel free to enter them here (but only put your entries on the contest post).

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