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Archive for November, 2006

Toilet Matching Contest Update

So far, nobody has matched all 9 toilets to the city (the current leader has 7 matches). Scroll down to October 31st (or click here) to enter – remember, the winner gets $20 or the super secret mystery prize!

If someone doesn’t name all 9 by midnight on Friday, we’ll send the prize to the person who named the most!

First, if you haven’t had a chance to enter our $20 mix-n-match contest, scroll down to yesterday’s post and enter (or click here). If we don’t have a winner by Friday, we’ll announce who’s closest and award them the $20 or mystery prize.

Finally, our last Halloween post. Of the 100+ kids who stopped by our house last night, we saw some really crazy costumes (thankfully no costumes from our list of this year’s 10 worst costumes, although one girl was a life sized McDonald’s french fries container instead of the Big Mac). Here’s a few of the more bizarre costumes we saw:

  • At least 3 teenage boys wearing nothing but homemade diapers (it was over 70 degrees, so it must have been a last minute decision)
  • Another 3 or 4 boys dressed as topless cheerleaders, or maybe just football players with long hair and pompoms (each had a big blue letter ‘D’ painted on their chest too … odd)
  • The obligatory bedsheet ghosts, one who didn’t have any eye holes and was being led around by a friend
  • One fairy girl whose wings were MASSIVE. Probably 8 feet across. This was actually pretty cool, especially considering she couldn’t have been taller than 4 feet.

Anything fun/funny happen during your Halloween? Let us know … hopefully you didn’t end like this guy who tried to dress as Sponge Bob but forgot to cut out space for his face 😉
failed sponge bob costume
(thanks to Franklin Samir for the picture)

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