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So at my niece’s birthday party today, my brother asks my grandmother why she doesn’t just buy some new placemats for her kitchen table:

Brother: “Grandma, you can just go down to the Dollar Store and buy them for like a dollar!”.
Grandma (very seriously): “OH NO! I wouldn’t go back the Dollar Store, they’ve gone way too upscale for me!”

Depression era logic at its best … a smart older woman who could afford to shop at places like Pier 1 tries to reason that the rinky dink local Dollar Store is far too foo-foo. Her resoluteness made us laugh so hard that we didn’t have the courage to ruin the moment by asking where in the world she could buy her placemats that would be less “upscale”.

7 Responses to “Singing the Dollar Store blues?”

  1. on 05 Nov 2006 at 9:48 am pamela

    the dollar store has turned into a scam. For those of you believing roosters only crow at the crack of dawn, I’ll break it to you gently… they crow all the time and the dollar store is filled with items that cost 5 dollars. (along with some dollar items- otherwise there might be a lawsuit, but I bet theres some dollar loophole that would allow them to keep the name, raise the prices as long as they did not charge in a different form of currency like the yen.)

  2. on 05 Nov 2006 at 12:23 pm prying1

    This one has me rolling! I know perfectly well the depression era thinking that you mention. One elderly woman I knew for years colleceted and saved plastic tubs and lids like margarine and sour cream containers. She must have had a couple thousand in her garage and would not throw any away because they were still good and too good to throw away..

  3. on 05 Nov 2006 at 3:46 pm Maritza

    Please! My mother makes her own with that plastic lacey stuff they sell at the dollar store by the yard. She also washes out plastic bags, saves twist ties and string, etc. Tupperware is too foo foo, she saves every plastic and glass container that comes her way. Gotta love them.

  4. on 05 Nov 2006 at 6:49 pm Diesel

    Any idea why Motel 6 and Super 8 have those names?

    Original cost of rooms: $6 and $8, respectively. I guess it makes for a better name than “The Inflation-Adjusted Motel.”

  5. on 05 Nov 2006 at 8:16 pm carrie

    that’s what thrift shops are for! 50 cents for 5 placemats. (gently used)

  6. on 05 Nov 2006 at 9:15 pm Joy

    Ah, the dollar store. That’s where my mom buys a lot of Christmas presents. It’s nice to know that they’re upscale. :)

  7. on 07 Nov 2006 at 12:21 am Buckenseemasonheimer

    En Germany we have dollar stores similar to American dollar stores. We call them Pfenniglands. They seem simialar to yours but maybe huger. Achten sie tiefst-preise!

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