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Funny Google Adsense Ads

Today we decided to see what would happen if we added some ads to our site (you’ll see them to the righthand sidebar – note that since writing this we have changed around the ad format a bit so you may not see the full ads shown below). Google chooses the ads for us, so we have no control over who is advertising … which made it all the funnier when we saw the ads.

Note that we aren’t allowed to click on any of our own links, so if one looks interesting and you find the site to be funny, let us know so we can visit the site as well.

We weren’t surprised to see lots of joke related ads:
Normal ads
We don’t have any retirement or office jokes yet, so maybe some of these ads will even give us ideas.

There were also plenty of specialty joke sites:
Specialty humor ads
No matter how hard they try, can a medical journal really be funny? If you see this ad and want to find out, let us know what you thought.

My post on wife jokes (here) caused Google to feed some great ads:
Wife ads
eBay selling wives??? They should watch their backs, the Russian mafia may start sending some heavies over here in order to protect their lucrative wife export trade. And the information on the cheating wife? Well, the link took me to a shopping page (I accidentally clicked on this one, and hope that Google doesn’t disband us). I wonder if this is supposed to be a hint – buy something for your wife or she’ll run off? Somebody actually paid Google money to show this ad … very strange.

Google also seemed to think that our name had something to do with home improvement. On some pages, there were more ads for cracked driveways and plumbers than anything else. Plenty of other odd ads popped up as well:
Strange ads
The world’s greatest practical joke is deleting a friend’s hard drive??? I can’t believe they’d pick that practical joke over such classics as: maxing out a friend’s credit card, wrecking your parent’s brand new sports car, or selling your sister into a Chinese sweat shop. Maybe they list those and other similarly harmless practical jokes on their site 😉

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  1. on 17 Oct 2006 at 10:51 pm Jake L


  2. on 18 Feb 2007 at 2:56 pm Sasa

    Hehe nice one.

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