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All over the news today, there were reports of a prosecutor in Ohio who was caught by security cameras running around naked in the city courthouse after work (twice).

I wonder how often this happens where cameras don’t record it? Do we have a national after 5pm workplace pandemic brewing? Streaking middle aged professionals strutting their double choco-latte enhanced backends for security cameras and unwitting cleaning crews, doing jumping jacks in the break room, making body part photocopies for their friends, and lounging around on their bosses leather furniture?

Next time I have an office, maybe I’ll lock my door at night …. eewwwww.

If you haven’t read the story – from CNN:

Scott Blauvelt, 35, was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of indecency. He was released from jail to await a hearing in the court where he usually works.

A guard monitoring a security camera spotted a nude man — whom investigators identified as Blauvelt — in a building that houses county offices the night of October 5, sheriff’s Maj. Anthony Dwyer said. The night before, security video had captured Blauvelt naked in another area of the building, where city offices are located, Dwyer said.

If you’re interested, here’s the full story:
Naked prosecutor caught on camera

2 Responses to “Letting it all hang loose at work?”

  1. on 11 Oct 2006 at 10:09 pm Benny Beans

    How come you never hear of hot naked women streaking…EVER!? Once in a great while a butchy woman will do it. But when was the last time anyone can ever remember a bombshell publicly streaking? I’ll be waiting…

  2. on 11 Oct 2006 at 10:17 pm So Crates

    Yeah! Who wants to see some furry gamete-pump running around dangling his lap bone?

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