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More Japanese toilet fun

Leave it to the Japanese to mix a toilet, a bidet, and the latest of Japanese engineering:

If the Japanese could have devoted this much ingenuity to their electronics, we’d all be using Playstation 6’s – complete with holographic displays and full body controllers.

2 Responses to “More Japanese toilet fun”

  1. on 09 Oct 2006 at 8:42 am kelley

    Haha…I agree; I think we can all safely say that we’ve sufficiently met the plumbing needs of modern man, sans bidet/toilet combo contraption. Ingenuity is more urgently needed in other areas, such as the Playstation. Curing cancer is a fairly worthy pursuit as well.

  2. on 11 Oct 2006 at 7:39 pm Jake L

    poop holes rule, no matter if it is a hole in the ground, an outhouse, or a treky-like pot in Nippon.

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